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Application of detachable plate heat exchanger in HVAC

Main applications:
1. daily life hot water:
Good heat transfer performance makes the plate heat exchanger gradually replace the traditional container heating system, occupying smaller area and investing more economically. (Figure 1)
2. Swimming pool water heating:
Install heat exchanger to make the pool water circulate independently. In order to avoid the corrosion of chloride ion in the pool water to the plate, please choose the plate material carefully. (Figure 2)

3. Solar energy acquisition:
As one of the cleanest energy sources, solar energy has attracted more and more attention. By using heat exchanger, the loop of collecting solar energy and the loop of domestic hot water can be separated, thus effectively protecting the cleanliness of domestic hot water loop. (Figure 3)
(4) ice storage system:

The use of heat exchangers in ice storage systems can isolate water and ethylene glycol solutions, resulting in increased return on investment. (Figure 4)

Ground source and water source heat pump:
Heat exchanger is used as the separation device of heat pump main engine and open cold and heat source to overcome the corrosion of water quality to sensitive equipment such as main engine. (Figure 5)
High building pressure isolation:
In order to avoid higher system pressure in high-rise buildings, plate heat exchangers are used to separate the pressure in different zones, thus greatly reducing the large-scale pumps and pipelines used to overcome the system pressure. (Figure 6)

Open closed cycle water system:
The use of heat exchanger separates the open cooling cycle system from the closed cycle system of the unit, effectively protecting the cleanliness of the closed cycle system of the unit and prolonging the service life of the unit. (Figure 7)

Key technologies:
Small Temperature Difference Heat Transfer Solution - Shanghai will be dedicated to the development of small temperature difference heat transfer under various environments, M series using mixed corrugated design. It can play an important role in the heat exchange of air conditioning system in super high-rise buildings. Ice storage technology has also been fully applied.
Titanium Plate Heat Exchanger - For ground source heat pump or seawater desalination and other occasions that need Titanium Plate Heat Exchanger, Shanghai Jiangxing Company can choose a more economical and reliable heat exchange scheme for you according to your needs.